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... additional information is important to continue to provide data-based information to state and local program leaders. For example, given the state and national focus on industry credentialing, it would be useful to conduct research specifically focused on understanding outcomes of students who earned industry credentials in high school. Another important direction for research would be to develop a clear understanding of long-term outcomes for CTE completers who participated in different career pathways in high school.

Research Recommendation #5

VCEF will actively promote the use of the VLDS to show how Virginia's workforce system and education produces employment outcomes.  Central to our research efforts is the pursuit of research funding and partnership formation.  The State Longitudinal Data System will, over time, become a vital resource for policy makers and for CTE and Workforce performance accountability systems.  

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Ensuring Success from Classroom to Career

Collaboration is in its simplest, and most understandable form, is getting individuals, who may or may not have similar interests, to work together in an organized endeavor to a satisfying and most appropriate group end. For VCEF and our Advisory Council collaboration takes place when members of an inclusive learning community work together as equals to assist students, parents, teachers, administrators, government, business/industry success from classroom to career. Friend and Cook (1992, p. 6 - 28) listed the defining characteristics of successful collaboration as follows:


        1. Collaboration is voluntary;

       2. Collaboration requires parity among participants;

       3. Collaboration is based on mutual goals;

       4. Collaboration depends on shared responsibility for participation and

       5. Individuals who collaborate share their resources; and

       6. Individuals who collaborate share accountability for outcomes.

VCEF will engage government, educators, local leaders, advocates, communities, students, parents and industry stakeholders into collaborative discussions to help strengthen educational pathways to the 21st Century Workforce .

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